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J. Appleseed has consistently led the pack with the best specials around, offering the most options and letting you double dip on top of it all.

Get an eBook with its hardcover counterpart for the price of one! Here's a list of all the publishers that bundle the two together:




J. Appleseed


Mason Crest


All Rosen-owned companies - including Greenhaven, Enslow, Gareth Stevens, and Cavendish Square - have a deal where if you buy 40 titles, you get 20 free. OR, you can buy 4 titles and get 1 free.

Make your Makerspace dreams come true with Lerner's 3D printer offer. If free books and tablets aren't your thing, you can choose to receive a premium 3D printer instead.

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*All specials are only valid when applied to an order through a direct representative

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