Title: 80-year-old flamingos!

Series Title: World's longest-living animals

Copyright: 2019

Publisher: Gareth Stevens

Interest Level: 1-3

Description:Flamingos are a ubiquitous, pink symbol that appears everywhere, clothing, school supplies, logos, lawns, and in zoos across the country. With vibrant, full-color photography and lively but accessible writing, this volume gives young readers a chance to learn about that animal they no doubt recognize. As one of the longest-living birds on Earth, the story of the flamingo provides a firsthand account of how life cycles, ecosystems, and the animal kingdom work. There's no better way to expose young readers to curriculum-specific science topics than to illuminate the life of the world's most recognizable, distinct bird with this fun, age-appropriate book.

80-year-old flamingos!

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