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Description: Imagine you're on your way to visit an artist's studio, excited to see new work. But once you're inside, the door shuts--and locks you in! A frantic note advises you to leave, however, a number of puzzles need to be completed before that's possible. This book is a must-have, with content encouraging a unique combination of problem-solving, critical thinking, and reading comprehension. Art techniques, famous artists, and famous artworks are included throughout the engaging story and puzzle. Readers won't be able to put it down until they've escaped the artist's cabin!

Artist's Cabin: Solve Your Way Out!

SKU: 9781538277195
$20.70 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Escape!
    Copyright Year 2023
    Publisher Gareth Stevens
    Interest Level 3-6 (RL3-4)