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Description: Meet the humpbacked mammals of the desert! Introduce elementary kids to both species of camels, Bactrian and dromedaries. Not many animals can thrive in the barren desert, but camels do it without breaking a sweat! Readers explore this desert dweller's features and behaviors, including its desert adaptations and use for people, with STEMappropriate text and gorgeous photography. An end folk tale adapted from Rudyard Kipling tells how the camel got its humps.A great nonfiction resource for student reports, animal units, and life science lessons. Includes table of contents, index, samepage definitions, and further resources.


SKU: 9781640265417
$23.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Amazing Animals
    Copyright Yr 2023
    Publisher JAppleseed (Creative)
    Interest Level 1-4 (RL2)


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