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Is weather the same as climate? They are indeed different. Weather changes from day to day, whereas climate indicates a given weather pattern over a larger expanse of time, even thousands of years. This book explores the relationships between weather and climate, and how weather may affect the timely issue of climate change. The earth has experienced a period of rising temperatures that has alarmed both scientists and environmental activists. Does weather play a role? After reading this compelling book, readers will understand so much more about both weather and climate and the close relationship they share. Each book in The New Weather series provides very interesting information about everything you have ever wanted to know about weather. Readers can learn weather fundamentals, explore how scientists study the weather, and be amazed by some of the most extreme weather on our

Climate and Weather

SKU: 9781422245644
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    The New Weather


     Mason Crest

     Copyright Year


     Interest Level

     7-12 (RL7)


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