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Get kids ready to shoot some hoops! What position should you play? Do you need special basketball shoes? Conversational questions and answers, translated into Spanish, share what kids can expect when they join a basketball team, including what gear to pack, some basic rules of play, and how a team works together to score points. "Did You Know" fact boxes and infographics draw in sports fans and visual learners. A Stay Curious! feature encourages kids to keep asking questions while doubling as a mini media literacy lesson on research skills. A Stay Curious! feature models research skills while simple infographics support visual literacy. Includes glossary and index. North American Spanish translation.

Curiosidad por el Basquetbol (Curious about Basketball)

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    Curiosidad por los Deportes (Curious about Sports)


     JAppleseed; Amicus

    Copyright Yr 


    Interest Level 

    1-4 (RL2)


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