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Description: National Football League quarterback Drew Brees has risen to become one of football's all-time greats, all while overcoming two devastating injuries as well as early doubts about his skills. The term "star athlete," however, only scratches the surface of the Drew Brees story. When he led the New Orleans Saints to a Super Bowl championship, Brees helped restore a sense of pride and hope to a city still recovering from the destructive forces of Hurricane Katrina. This biography delves into his background and football career, contributions to society, and success as a quarterback. Photographs and sidebars illuminate how Drew Brees continues to excel, inspiring others both on and off the field.

Drew Brees: Record-Breaking Quarterback

SKU: 9781502651228
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  • Series At the Top of their Game
    Copyright Yr 2020
    Publisher Cavendish Square
    Interest Level 7-12