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Muscles flex... Keen teeth tear ... Meet the cougar, also known as puma, panther, or mountain lion! Brimming with vivid photos and scientific facts, Cougars treats middle-grade researchers and wild animal lovers to a comprehensive profile of this marvelous mammal. Translated into North American Spanish, it covers zoology topics such as anatomy, diet, habitat, and life cycle, as well as species conservation efforts and the big cat's relationship with humans throughout history. Sidebars, a range map, and a glossary support the main text, while an American Indian tale about the cougar adds a cross-curricular cultural layer to the title.

El Puma (Cougars)

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    Vida Salvaje (Living Wild)


     JAppleseed; Creative

    Copyright Yr 


    Interest Level 

    5-8 (RL6)


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