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Description: Felix and Calcite are on a journey to a muddy swamp in the faraway Land of the Ogres. Their mission: to find the Slimy Stone, the only thing that can save the ancient Master Troll from illness! Will our heroes be able to find the rare stone and get past the ogres inside the swamp? Don’t miss Felix and Calcite’s first adventures, The Land of the Trolls and Never Make a Giant Mad. Artur Laperla, creator of the hit Super Potato series, presents a new set of laugh-out-loud adventures perfect for first-time readers of graphic novels. When Felix discovers a tunnel in his toy chest, he finds a land of trolls and a new best friend: Calcite! Felix learns that trolls are named after their favorite rocks, love munching on their favorite snacks (also rocks), and have really runny noses. Together, Felix and Calcite will encounter confused gnomes, cranky giants, talking frogs, and much more!

Felix and Calcite: #3 The Search for the Slimy Stone

SKU: 9781728487045
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    Felix and Calcite



     Copyright Yr


    Interest Level 

    K-3 (RL2)


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