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Description: In If I Dined with Dire Wolves, a young girl imagines what it would be like to go back in time and hunt and eat with dire wolves during the last Ice Age, before they went extinct. Readers will learn how dire wolves hunted and lived in packs in a fun, fictional format. Action-packed illustrations and carefully leveled text engage young readers in a supportive educational fiction reading experience. Children can learn more about dire wolves using Fact Surfer, our safe online search engine that provides relevant, age-appropriate websites. This book also features a diagram, a picture glossary, an index, a table of contents, and tools for teachers and caregivers. Grasshopper Books offers simple, fun fiction for emerging readers. If I Dined with Dire Wolves is part of Jump!'s If I Met an Ice Age Animal series.

If I Dined with Dire Wolves

SKU: 9781636909394
$19.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series If I Met an Ice Age Animal
    Publisher JAppleseed; Jump!
    Copyright Yr 2023
    Interest Level 1-2 (RL-1)


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