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Description: Seventeen-year-old Lucien has a supportive family in Toronto but wants to make a new start somewhere nobody knows him. Going to stay with his aunt in Vernon presents challenges to fitting in—he is not comfortable with his hockey-watching, hard-partying cousins or the other kids at school. Eventually, Lucien finds a community of creative teens and meets the mysterious Alder. As Lucien finds out who Alder really is, he is able to find what is worthy of love in himself. Focusing on romance and speaking one’s truth rather than issues of gender identity, this story is a light-hearted tale of finding love in unexpected places.

In a Heartbeat

SKU: 9781459416291
$20.99 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Lorimer Real Love
    Copyright Yr 2022
    Publisher Lerner
    Interest level 8-12 (RL4)


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