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Title: When a storm blows in, young children may wonder what is going on. Early readers can find answers that spark continued curiosity with the help of the illustrated character Will the wind cloud in this intriguing title. It begins by challenging young readers to look out their windows to help them connect the topic of weather to their everyday lives. Will the wind cloud then accompanies readers as they continue to learn about the seasons, where wind comes from, and the effects powerful winds can have on people, plants, and animals. This title's content that enhances Kindergarten Earth Science curricula continues to capture reader engagement with striking full-color photos, a glossary with weather-related terms, and ideas to help children embrace gentler winds on mild days.

It's Windy

SKU: 9781534540798
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    What's the Weather?



    Copyright Yr 


    Interest Level 

    1-3 (RL2)


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