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Description: Explore Sacagawea's incredible journey as an explorer and pioneer in this unique timeline biography. Not much is known about Sacagawea's early life as an American Indian. Only a few first-hand witnesses mention her by name, yet her life story is famous. Carrying her young son, Sacagawea traveled with the Lewis and Clark Expedition, acting as a guide and translator as they explored the western United States. A progressive timeline highlights the chronology of Sacagawea's major life moments for elementary readers. Table of contents, glossary, index, further resources, and author bio are included.

Life of Sacagawea

SKU: 9781681519517
$23.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Sequence Change Maker Biographies
    Copyright Yr  2022
    Publisher JAppleseed (Amicus)
    Interest Level 2-5 (RL3)


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