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Description: A funny and accessible board book that encourages potty training. Featuring a mischievous little lion called Lionel. In this pithy board book series, an overenthusiastic, impulsive lion tests his daily routines to their limit—in Lionel Poops, cheerfully trying all sorts of places to poop before ending up proudly on the potty. Lionel is bouncing on his trampoline when all of a sudden he needs to poop. Where will he do it? On some cows! No, Lionel, no! On some wildcats! No, Lionel! Lionel thinks of many inappropriate places but eventually poops on his potty. Well done, Lionel!

Lionel Poops

SKU: 9781776574636
$9.99 Regular Price
$2.00Sale Price
  • Series Lionel
    Copyright Yr 2022
    Publisher Lerner
    Interest Level PK-K (RL1)


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