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Meet Emma! She loves riding roller coasters and playing at the beach. She also has Tourette syndrome. Emma is real and so are her experiences. Learn about her life in this Spanish translation of My Life with Tourette Syndrome, an illustrated narrative nonfiction picture book for elementary students. Kids are naturally curious about differences. Emma sheds light on her life, with the help of experienced children's author Mari Schuh. Emma is not defined by Tourette syndrome, but she has some challenges dealing with tics. Let Emma tell you a little about her life. Colorful, realistic illustrations and a dyslexic-friendly font promote accessibility. Includes tips for kids about interacting with someone who has Tourette syndrome.

Mi vida con sindrome de Tourette (My Life with Tourette's Syndrome)

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    Mi Vida Con... (My Life With...)


     JAppleseed; Amicus

    Copyright Yr 


    Interest Level 

    K-3 (RL2)


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