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Description: The world's biggest bird, the ostrich, shines in this leveled reader that reinforces key vocabulary with a searchandfind feature. Ostriches are record holders in a bunch of ways. They are the only birds with two toes that seem more like hooves, which helps them be the fastest land animal on two legs. They have the biggest bird eyes, too, which happen to be larger than their brains! Carefully controlled text and excellent photos will have early readers flocking to these big birds. A searchandfind feature makes this book a fun treat. Picture prompts and an ending quiz build new vocabulary and create a successful foundation for emergent readers.


SKU: 9781645490999
$20.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Spot Big Birds
    Copyright Yr 2023
    Publisher JAppleseed (Amicus)
    Interest Level PK-2 (RL-K)


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