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Description: In a survival-focused game like Fortnite, danger lurks around every corner, which is why it's important to just cut loose sometimes. Luckily, this groundbreaking video game gives players a chance to try out a number of dance moves. This hip-shaking volume focuses on how dancing can be used strategically to a player's advantage. As a player levels up, they get access to more these moves, allowing them to bring to the game their own sense of style. Encourage your players to get out and practice their own dance moves, movement, and individuality.

Perfecting your dance moves in Fortnite

SKU: 9781978517257
$18.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series The Unofficial Fortnite Survival Guide
    Copyright Yr 2020
    Publisher Enslow, West 44
    Interest Level 5-8


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