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Title: The pesticides used to produce many everyday foods cannot be seen with the naked eye, which may make them challenging for young readers to understand. This illuminating title will help early readers learn important information about what pesticides are, how they are used, and the harmful health impacts they can cause. In alignment with Common Core science standards, this enticing title also features a description of the food chain through which pesticides can travel. Additionally, it offers compelling fact boxes, a vocabulary-boosting glossary, and vibrant photos on every eye-catching spread. Empowered with the information in this book, young readers will be able to take some simple steps, such as avoiding where pesticides are being sprayed and washing fruits and veggies, to boost their lifelong health.


SKU: 9781502663740
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    People Poisons


    Cavendish Square 

     Copyright Yr


     Interent Level

    1-3 (RL-1-2)


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