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Description: The Civil War began after eleven southern states seceded in order to keep slavery. Discover how enslaved people experienced the war, from serving on the front lines to glimpsing and winning freedom. Read Woke™ Books are created in partnership with Cicely Lewis, the Read Woke librarian. Inspired by a belief that knowledge is power, Read Woke Books seek to amplify the voices of people of the global majority (people who are of African, Arab, Asian, and Latin American descent and identify as not white), provide information about groups that have been disenfranchised, share perspectives of people who have been underrepresented or oppressed, challenge social norms and disrupt the status quo, and encourage readers to take action in their community.

Slavery and the Civil War

SKU: 9781728439082
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  • Series American Slavery and the Fight for Freedom (Read Woke Books)
    Copyright Yr 2022
    Publisher Lerner
    Interest level 4-8 (RL4-5)