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Description: Emotions are like a rainbow--there is a color for every one we feel. And when the confident feeling starts to take over the rainbow, it's time for The Orange Book! Simple activities, tips, and tricks help young readers make confident orange shine brightest in the rainbows of their colorful minds. They can turn the pages from front to back or back to front. They can use every single page or open the book to just one random page. Soon, the other colors of their emotions rainbow will shine with this mindfulness book that supports readers exploring their emotions!

The Orange Book

SKU: 9781636918716
$18.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Colorful Minds: Tips for Managing Your Emotions
    Copyright Yr 2023
    Publisher JAppleseed (Bearport)
    Interest Level 1-3 (RL2)


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