Title: The Playmaker

Series Title: Lorimer Sports Stories

Copyright: 2019

Publisher: Lerner

Interest Level: 5-8

Description: With no team in her rural town, Zoey tries out for Bantam girl’s team the Barrie Sharks. She makes the cut and, knowing that the income from her family’s farm won’t cover the fees, pushes herself to overcome her shyness and try to raise her own funding. Zoey’s talent and eagerness on the ice impress Coach Mikom, team captain Tia, and goalie Anika. But her skills challenge rich Mel for prominence on the team. Teammate Kat makes Zoey embarrassed by her rural background, and Zoey’s shame at her father’s behavior at a game gives a player on another team the opportunity to bully Zoey, and interfere with her game.

The Playmaker

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