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Description: Barred from fighting for their beliefs on the battlefield, though many tried, Southern women served the Confederacy in other ways, like through the timeless art of espionage. Confederate women used their wits, charm, and beauty to discover Union secrets and carry out covert operations for the war efforts. This insightful book highlights these little-discussed Confederate figures, including the famously persuasive Rose O'Neal. Readers will meet the Moon sisters, who used their acting skills to smuggle information and supplies under the noses of Union soldiers using all manner of disguises.

The Role of Female Confederate Spies in the Civil War

SKU: 9781502655417
$29.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Warrior Women in American History
    Copyright Yr 2020
    Publisher Cavendish Square
    Interest Level 7-12+


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