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In swimming, there are multiple scientific concepts at play, such as density, gravity, momentum, and buoyancy. Readers learn about these concepts and more with this engaging guide to the science behind swimming. Useful diagrams display how to execute the perfect push-off from the wall of a pool, how to swim successful strokes, and how to do a cannonball. Informative fact boxes, helpful graphic organizers, and full-color photographs provide additional information. Readers will be thrilled by visual examples of science concepts in action. This high-interest approach to science curriculum topics will resonate with young readers.

Science of Swimming

SKU: 9781534535749
$19.68 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series Play Smart
    Publisher Greenhaven; Kidhaven
    Copyright Yr 2021
    Interest Level 2-5 (RL2-3)


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