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Description: Why do immigrants come to the United States? How do they assimilate and maintain their culture? The American Journey answers these questions and more, while introducing readers to the history of the country of origin, steps to becoming a U.S. citizen, and obstacles immigrants overcome. Bright, full-color photographs complement the carefully leveled text to make reading for understanding easy and fun. Learn the Culture sidebars encourage deeper inquiry and help introduce unfamiliar readers with the culture. Also includes a table of contents, infographic, glossary, index, and reading tips for teachers and parents. An At a Glance feature in each book includes a map of the country of origin, along with quick facts and statistics.

The Syrian-American Journey

SKU: 9781641289184
$18.95 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
  • Series The American Journey
    Copyright Yr 2020
    Publisher JAppleseed (Jump!)
    Interest Level 2-5


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