Title: Thomas Edison: Inventor and Innovator

Series Title: Great American Entrepreneurs

Copyright: 2020

Publisher: Cavendish Square

Interest Level: 9-12

Description: The name Thomas Edison is associated with some of the world's greatest inventions: the light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera. What inspired Edison to become an inventor? What struggles did he encounter on his way to greatness, and how did he overcome them? Readers will learn all about Edison, including his biographical details, challenges he encountered, and how he achieved his greatest inventions. Readers will learn about the industrialization of America, Edison's role in nineteenth- and twentieth-century history, and his legacy today. Utilizing color photographs and intriguing sidebars, this book will draw readers in as they learn about Edison's childhood, his famous rivalries, his relationship with the press, and how he became known as the "Wizard of Menlo Park."

Thomas Edison: Inventor and Innovator

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