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Why ordering directly from the publishers matters:

Because we cut out the middle man.


We work directly with the publishers to get you prices and deals you can't get anywhere else. Not only that, but we will build you a custom order of the best-of-the-best from our publishers. We are with you every step of the way to ensure that you get all the savings available and that your order arrives exactly as it should.


We also act as a resource for you to integrate the latest technology and trends into your library or media center. We share with you what's new and how other libraries are using it to their advantage.

We equip your library...

...with print books, ebooks, interactive ebooks, audio-ebooks, and databases.

 All our publishers' books have library-binding with a lifetime warranty.  They can be sent shelf-ready according to your processing specifications, usually for no cost.  


Many of our publishers' ebooks are downloadable and shareable. They are simple to install and easy to use, integrating seamlessly with your library catalog system. 


Smiling Girl with Book

How it works:

Contact us to schedule a time when we can visit with you to review the most recent publisher materials.


Call, fax, or email us your interests, and we'll draft an order for you that includes the best deals. You can also build a cart on the publisher's website and export it to us. We'll take it from there!

You can find all our contact information here.

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