Deb Salmond

I wanted to be a librarian from an early age, even though my older brother tried to convince me that nobody could live on an income derived from 2₵ per day fines. After completing my college degree in Early Childhood Development, and then my MLS, I spent 20 years working in special libraries with attorneys, engineers, and consultants before returning to public libraries. In 2011, I jumped to the other side of the desk to become a publisher's direct representative. As a publisher's rep, I am constantly inspired by the technology, books, and librarians I encounter.


Amy Salmond

My mom answered every question growing up with, "Well, I bet there's a book on it." And sure enough, there always was. It's my belief there's a book for everyone and every question, regardless if it's fiction or nonfiction, digital or print. That's what made me start working in libraries as a teen and why I keep coming back.

I started as a publisher representative in 2016 after getting my Master's in History. Mostly, I operate as the office manager, making sure that orders go where they're supposed to go and ensuring the process is smooth and easy for you.