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*All of our North Carolina publishers are approved vendors by E-Procurement

ABDO has been a family-run company for more than 30 years, growing to become a leader in children's K-12 educational publishing. Today, the company has seven divisions and imprints: Abdo Publishing, Spotlight, Magic Wagon, Abdo Kids, Abdo Digital, Abdo Zoom, and Epic Press.

Federal ID # 41-1699406

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AV2 by Weigl is the first, and still remains the only, media enhanced book for the school market.

Built-in digital features allow readers to dive even deeper into a topic through weblinks, videos, activities, and slideshows. The fusion of these digital features makes for an exciting and engaging reading experience.

AV2 ID # 51-0401462      Lightbox ID # 47-3166835

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Bellwether publishes curiosity-sparking books geared for levels K-8 through imprints including Blastoff! Readers, Epic, and Torque. Through their high-interest subjects, industry-leading design, and compelling narratives, all of their nonfiction books are designed to stand out from the rest of the flock.

Federal ID # 54-2181319

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Cavendish Square offers a diverse selection of reference and non-fiction for  grade levels kindergarten through college. Cavendish Square's books, eBooks, and databases support subjects including science, social studies, and health.

Federal ID # 46-1843778

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The Child's World has been an independent, family-owned company publishing books since 1968, offering a wide array of non-fiction subjects for K-7 readers. The Child's World aims to make educational books enjoyable for all young readers.

Federal ID # 41-1932662

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Crabtree has been publishing quality non-fiction books for grades K-9 since 1978 with acclaimed author Bobbie Kalman's first series, The Early Settler Life. Since then, Crabtree has grown to incorporate fiction as well as audio and digital resources.

Federal ID # 98-0405951

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Enslow is a family-owned and run publishing house founded in 1976 that provides high-quality, non-fiction books to children and young adults in first through twelfth grade. Enslow's books have been recognized by the ALA, NAACP, and many more.

Federal ID # 22-2123955

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Greenhaven Publishing is a trifecta of three imprints: Greenhaven Publishing, Lucent Press, and KidHaven Publishing. Together, they cover K-12 and offer multiple viewpoints on a wide variety of subjects.

Federal ID # 81-2090160

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J.Appleseed (formerly known as The Creative Company) is a co-op of publishers including 12-Story Library, Amicus, Bearport, Black Rabbit Books, Creative Editions, Creative Education, Jump!, Reference Point, and Turtleback Books. Altogether, they cover grade levels K-12.

Federal ID # 83-3146660

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Lerner Publishing Group is one of the largest independently owned children's publishers in the nation. For over 50 years, Lerner has created both fiction and non-fiction books for preschool reading levels through twelfth grade for schools and libraries.

Federal ID # 41-0833899

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Maker Maven launched in 2016 to support the growing maker and STEM movement in education. Maker Maven sells individual products and kits to promote STEAM as well as offering a blog rich with ideas and inspiration for your library.

Federal ID # 81-2129188

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Mason Crest is a relatively new company founded in 2003 as a leader in non-fiction books for middle and high schools. To ensure the integrity of their books' content, they consult with experts from John Hopkins, Harvard, Yale, and the US Department of Justice, among others.

Federal ID # 45-3089098

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Rosen is an independent educational publishing house founded in 1950 and contains several imprints including PowerKids, Windmill Books, and Britannica to cover pre-K-12. Rosen's non-fiction titles are designed to be both high-interest and curriculum-correlated. 

Federal ID # 13-3129750

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Rourke has been producing engaging non-fiction titles for grade preschool through twelfth grade for more than 30 years. Rourke strives to meet their customers' needs for educational technology by incorporating an increasing number of digital resources and programs.

Federal ID # 41-1978027

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Salem Press was founded in 1947 as a one-book publishing company and is now an imprint of Grey House Publishing, producing a wide variety of non-fiction and reference books as well as digital databases for high schools and colleges.

Federal ID # 13-3044945

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