5 Myths about Working with Publisher Reps

We've all been there. The sales person that would not take the hint. The pitch that wouldn't end. Just recently, I got roped into a vacuum demonstration by a friend. Oh, the sharp bite of betrayal! And too often, that's also what meeting with a publisher rep sounds like: a door-to-door salesman peddling questionable merchandise to a captive audience for a quick buck. So, we'd like to debunk some of those myths and address some of those misconceptions. Myth #1: Pub Reps Are Aggressive Salespeople Some of this comes from simply not understanding what a publisher rep is (it's not exactly something they cover in library school), so here it goes: A lot of publishers don't hire a sales staff, so t

Spotlight on J. Appleseed

Who They Are J. Appleseed is a co-op of publishers, so instead of getting just one, you get nine! There are 9x as many books to love! Whether you're looking for reinforced library binding, a QR coded eBook, or a combination of both, J. Appleseed has you covered, offering more than 4000 titles with interest and reading levels ranging K through 12. Basically, J. Appleseed has something for everyone! You may already be familiar with the publishers that are a part of J. Appleseed: Amicus offers books for elementary aged children that educate, engage, and inspire through both fiction and nonfiction. Bellwether titles are designed to attract reluctant readers in elementary and middle school throug

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