Grow Your Library Digitally (And Also Print)

Even in the midst of widespread school and library closings, librarians are doing their best to manage the needs of their collections. And while there is no shortage of free ebooks and databases from our publishers (to see the full list, click HERE), these resources won't be available for free forever. Plus, there are additional benefits to owning the products and keeping them in your library's collection.

1) Most of our ebooks are downloadable. If internet connections are unreliable in your area, this is invaluable. This means that the student only has to download the book onto their device once, and the book will be there until the student chooses to delete it.

2) Downloaded ebooks are shareable. Add them to Google Classroom or other LMS for all access simultaneously.

3) The ebooks and databases do not require a password to login. No matter how you access the digital content - in Destiny, a URL link, or a QR code - our publishers embed the login/password for instant access.

4) All the ebooks are multi-user. Every student in the school can read the same book at the same time. No more running out of books in popular subjects! No subscription fees or usage restrictions!