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Spotlight on The Child's World

Who They Are

We don't think The Child's World gets nearly enough attention. This year they became available to both North and South Carolina, and we want to make sure they get on everyone's wish list!

The Child's World has been an independent, family-owned company since 1968 with one goal in mind: to make educational books that children WANT to read. And with their collection of captivating titles featuring acclaimed authors, artists, and designers, we think they've gone above and beyond to achieve that goal.

What's New

Here's a selection of what's out this season:

Series Title: Glass Jar Science

ISBN: 9781503840010

Interest Level: K-3

eBook Available: Yes


Series Title: Insider's Guide to Pro Basketball

ISBN: 9781503840317

Interest Level: 1-4

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Greek Gods and Goddesses

ISBN: 9781503840058

Interest Level: 3-6

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: English Grammar

ISBN: 9781503840041

Interest Level: 2-5

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Sequencing Stories

ISBN: 9781503840065

Interest Level: PreK-2

eBook Available: Yes

That's not all! Check out all the new titles from The Child's World on their website HERE. While you're there, build a cart and send it over to us. We'll draft up a complete, print-friendly quote for you.

What We Love

The Child's World's books shine in a multitude of ways, but what really makes them stand out from the rest is their collection of early reader books. No one else comes close to matching the selection or the quality of phonics books they carry. The Child's World offers titles that feature individual letter sounds, rhyming words, and sentence structure through engaging stories, vibrant pictures, and word/sound repetition.

Basically, if you're looking for books to help with early literacy skills, The Child's World is the best place to find it!

And of course, The Child's World has wonderful specials for you to take advantage of! Check out their specials page HERE to see all of them.

If this perks your interest, give us a call! We'd love to show you how The Child's World can meet your needs!

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