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Spotlight on J. Appleseed

Who They Are

J. Appleseed is a co-op of publishers, so instead of getting just one, you get nine! There are 9x as many books to love! Whether you're looking for reinforced library binding, a QR coded eBook, or a combination of both, J. Appleseed has you covered, offering more than 4000 titles with interest and reading levels ranging K through 12. Basically, J. Appleseed has something for everyone!

You may already be familiar with the publishers that are a part of J. Appleseed:

Amicus offers books for elementary aged children that educate, engage, and inspire through both fiction and nonfiction.

Bellwether titles are designed to attract reluctant readers in elementary and middle school through bright graphics and hot topics.

Black Rabbit Books puts out nonfiction titles to fit every reader from elementary school through high school.

Bookstaves includes the imprint 12 Story Library, which focuses on simple, educational lists on a wide variety of subjects.

Jump! produces nonfiction, curriculum-aligned books with bright colors and captivating photography for early readers.

Reference Point consistently puts out well-researched, thought provoking nonfiction titles for middle and high schools.

The Creative Company offers educational, nonfiction books for all interest levels, K-12.

Turtleback Books takes hot titles you know and love and rebinds them with sturdy library binding. These books are built to last.

New! Orca is brand new to J. Appleseed, offering Young Adult fiction that's appealing to all readers from avid to reluctant to struggling.

What's New

Here's a small selection of what's out this season:

Title: Daddy Cuddle

ISBN: 9781681521930

Interest Level: preK-2

eBook Available: No


Series Title: Engineered by Nature

ISBN: 9781626175853

Interest Level: 3-8

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Strange...But True?

ISBN: 9781680720204

Interest Level: 2-5

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Science Myths Busted

ISBN: 9781632353009

Interest Level: 3-6

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Opposites

ISBN: 9781620317501

Interest Level: preK-1

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Secrets

ISBN: 9781459806689

Interest Level: 8-12

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Cause & Effect: Modern Wars

ISBN: 9781682821626

Interest Level: 5-12

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Are They Real?

ISBN: 9781608187591

Interest Level: 1-4

eBook Available: Yes

Series Title: Amulet

ISBN: 9781417797127

Interest Level: 4-7

eBook Available: No

Series Title: Animals Measure Up

ISBN: 9781681513843

Interest Level: K-3

eBook Available: Yes

That's not all! Check out all of J. Appleseed's new titles on their website HERE. While you're there, build a cart and send it over to us. We'll draft up a complete, print-friendly quote for you.

What We Love

There's a lot to love about J. Appleseed! They have something for every library, they have one of the most user-friendly websites, and carts are easy to build and send over to your representative. But it's J. Appleseed's specials that make them really stand out. They consistently offer the best special deals out of all the publishers we carry.

They've started doing something different this fall, focusing their rewards on gift cards rather than devices. The first tier of packages starts at orders totally $1499 across all J. Appleseed publishers, and you have a choice between 2 Dr. Seuss plush characters or a $125 gift card to Amazon,, Best Buy, or Apple. Other package tiers offer ready-made, library-durable furniture by Jonti-Craft.

If that isn't your style, J. Appleseed also offers a buy 80 books, get 20 books of your choice for free. Or, if you're interested in eBooks, you can get a hardback book with its digital equivalent for only $5 more than the cost of the print book. The best part of this deal is that, although we have other publishers who offer similar deals, J. Appleseed's allows you to double-dip. You can combine the digital/print BOGO deal with any of the other packages below.

If this perks your interest, give us a call! We'd love to show you how J. Appleseed can meet your needs!

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