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Tails & Tales Summer Reading Books

Summer's almost here! You know what that means: summer reading! The theme this year is Tails & Tails, so to help you prepare, we wrangled together a whole zoo of books from our publishers' latest releases. Actually, ABDO did a lot of work for us by making a list of all their most tail-rrific titles, but keep scrolling if you want our own list of highlights from across our publishers.

Animal tails, cryptid tails, loosely inspired tails - we have some of everything! So what are you waiting for? Unleash your wild side!

Salmond Library Services' Collection:

For the full list of these titles as well as a quote for this collection, click on the PDF below:

Tails & Tales SLS Order Form 2021
Download PDF • 410KB

If this isn't what you had in mind for your library, give us a ding! These are just suggestions based on our publishers' newest releases. We're more than happy to curate a list that serves your particular needs.

And finally, a shameless advertisement for a new, literary-themed Etsy shop (check it out):


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