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Black Panther is Here!

Check them out!

Black Panther: The Battle for Wakanda

Series: World of Reading Level Pre-1 Set 2

ISBN: 9781532142147

The sacred Mound is being attacked by an evil cult, Wakandans are growing angry with their king, and the Avengers have evidence that T'Challa has stolen a highly classified weapon. With some help from S.H.I.E.L.D. and some new faces, Black Panther battles the greatest threats Wakanda has ever faced.

Law of the Jungle

Series: Fantastic Four Set 2

ISBN: 9781599613901

War-drums are beating as four heroes work their way through the most mysterious jungle in Africa. An international misunderstanding has brought them here to be hunted by a shadowy figure who has uncanny skill and the technological might of the world's most advanced nation at his disposal. Will the Fantastic Four make it back from Wakanda, and will they be friends or prey for the man known in whispers as...THE BLACK PANTHER?

The Advent of Ultron #5

Series: Avengers K Set 2

ISBN: 9781532140051

After a mysterious cloacked villain attacks the Wasp, Ant-Man calls upon Black Panther and Hawkeye to help them figure out where the stranger came from and who his creator is.

Spidey #7: Weekdays

Series: Spidey Set 2

ISBN: 9781532141553

Spidey teams up with the Black Panther to defeat the Klaw and learns the importance of listening to no only his surroundings, but to the people around him.

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